Finally! You have a job. Maybe not what you were hoping for but, we move still! You are more than thankful to be out of the huge sea of the unemployed. However, starting your new job, there are some things you should know and I am here to help you out with one of them. What are friends for eh?

Here is a list of the 5 types of people you will see in your workplace.

  1. The King or Queen Bee: He or She is usually oga’s favourite (boss’s favourite) or the oldest on the job. They walk around the office with an air of dominion and will always threaten to report you to oga. They always have unsolicited advice to give and corrections to make. Arguments and confrontations with them are usually stressful and I am sure you don’t like stress, but so try not to enter their lane.

  2. Lunch Hour Workers: These ones start counting down to lunch hour right from when they step into the office in the morning. Some of them pack amazing home-cooked meals and the rest know the best places to eat. You are unlikely to die of hunger if you are close to them.

  3. Condition Workers: These are the ones that do not spare a chance to lament about how they did not get their dream job, and are only managing the current one. They get the work done but you might get tired of hearing them lament.

  4. High Achievers: They are the ones that will add extra to whatever assignment they are given and make the rest of you lazy even if you gave the assignment your best shot. A lot of them do not do it to spite others (some do), they just love the extra oomph.

  5. Normal Ones: These ones just want to do their work as well as they can and go home after.

I’m sure there are a few other types that I did not cover. Please share in the comments section.


Hadassah Okuse