Disclaimer: I am not an Instagram expert or guru. The tips I'll be giving below are things that I or people close to me have tried that worked. It might not be a one size fits all but it won't hurt to try right? Awesome! Let's get into it.
Recently I decided to put some more effort into getting my business out there, starting with my business page on Instagram that had been lying fallow for a while. I had enough pictures to post, but, I don't even know the but. Anyway, I have been posting more actively for a couple of weeks now and these are some of the tips that I have employed to increase my visibility and number of followers.

  1. Let people know what you sell at first glance: Beyond your bio and handle, let the first few pictures on your page show people immediately what you do. Some people don't have time to look at bios and page descriptions or captions, they're only there for the pictures. Consider people like that when you post pictures.

  2. Create an aesthetic feed: It is tempting to just post and go but you should try to put some effort into making your page organised and eye catching. Let your page make a good impression.

  3. Add videos to your feed: Decently edited videos with good music can help to get the attention of your followers on their TLs.

  4. Post frequently: A lot of people have testified that, the more you post, the more your visibility and I noticed it too. Some people recommend posting at least three times a day but if you don't have enough time or content to do so, you can do once a day or any other day. The aim is to have something on the TL at any point in time.

  5. Make good use of hashtags: With Instagram's not so recent addition of hashtag following, if you play your cards right, you'll be able to expand your audience base and your content will be on more time lines. Use popular hashtags that are related to your content. However, there's a thing called banned hashtags that will reduce your visibility if you use them. You can Google them, some websites have a lengthy list of them.

  6. Comment on and like other people's posts: Drop positive comments and like posts. You never know who is reading comments; besides it'll increase your chances of popping up on their followers’ explore pages. Don't go about fighting under posts and dropping horrible comments.

  7. Share the links to your posts and your page on your other social media pages so people can easily click to see your posts or follow you.

  8. Keep an eye out for spam followers: They might eventually reduce your visibility because Instagram algorithm may think you're also “one of them”. You'll know those pages when you see them- weird handles, very few followers and sometimes many of them can follow you at once. Block and report them if you can.

  9. Keep an eye on your insights: Thankfully, Instagram has made it much easier to monitor the outcome of posts. You can know what posts and hashtags are doing well and which ones aren't. You can also monitor your level of engagement and make necessary changes.

  10. Reply comments: It makes you come across as a warm and customer friendly entrepreneur.

The list is endless and like I said earlier, it's not a one size fits all. However, if you try these tips and they work, you can give us feedback in the comment section or let us know on IG @musingsonpaperng. You can also drop more tips in the comment section.


osayomon gaius-obaseki