Not everyone is your client so you shouldn’t try to sell to everyone. This is sad but true. You simply can’t market to everyone, you need to find those who are your target audience and speak their ‘language’. One of the reasons why your marketing may not be effective is because you are trying to speaking everyone’s language at the same time. Find your people, find their language, speak their language. The earlier you accept the fact that you can’t market to everyone, the better it is for your brand.

How do you find your target audience?

Here are some tips for you below:

  1. Who are your current customers? This is one of the first things you need to do when researching your target audience. Find out who your current customers are, their needs and want, what makes them buy from you, etc. You can do this by carrying out a simple survey.

  2. What needs do your products or service meet? Take out some time to analyse the needs and wants you are meeting. Who are the people that can benefit from your offerings? Where do you think they are located?

  3. Narrow your focus: You should now narrow down your focus and choose those you would be interested in focusing on based on all your findings from the studies you have conducted.

  4. Check your analytics: Check your social media and website analytics to find out who your audience is. You will be able to know their location, age range, content they like, what they are looking for on your website, etc.

  5. Create customer personas: The final stage suggested here is to create customer personas that include your ideal audience, location, age range, income, their pain points, their needs, and so on.


Ayishat Olanrewaju is a Professional Writer, a Brand Strategist, & a Certified Digital Marketer. She is the Founder of Corporately Lucid, a full-service Digital Media firm in Nigeria, and also African Freelancers; an online community of freelancers in Africa. She is passionate about helping individual and corporate brands communicate their values and writing effective content that sells.She had her B.Sc. in Mass Communication from Caleb University, and her M.Sc. in Mass Communication from the University of Lagos. She blogs at and you can find out more about her brand at She is also a voracious reader, content developer, and a design enthusiast.

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