The reality is that we need money to tick a lot of things off our wish lists/bucket lists. Thankfully, I embraced my love of travel and handbags quite early, and the love was so strong that I had to discover a feasible route to my happy place! What I mean is I had to find a way to afford the things I loved and wanted to experience in life, so I came up with a grand plan that has been helping me over the years.


My list of wants and travel destinations is more or less infinite, therefore at the beginning of each year, I have to identify my big spends and choose what is more important to me at any given time and also what my pocket allows. For instance, Instead of doing 3 massive holidays, I might do 1 big holiday and two less-expensive short trips!  This plan forms the basis of my budget, I do research on flights, tickets, prices of items, and then I know exactly how much I need to save.

Income Apportioning

This is the tough part. This phase is basically the hard work and sacrifices you make to get what you want. You will need to identify how much you have coming in every month, and then apportion a part of it towards whatever it is you're saving for. I currently save 70% of my monthly income and live on the remaining 30%. I know this is super tough and some days you might just wanna give up, but the rewards are sweeeet! For a beginner, It might make sense to start with a smaller percentage; maybe save 30% and then work your way up!


Saving your money is one step, but making sure that your money is bearing interest is even smarter!! Technology has made it so much easier to multiply your money passively and here are some of my go-to tools:


If you're looking to earn anything between 10%-25% interest, Farmcrowdy is for you!! You get to gain interest on your money anytime between 3-12 months (from what i've seen) by simply sponsoring a farm on their web & mobile based platform! All you need is your debit card to pay and your bank account, for funds to be remitted into your account! In this context, it makes sense to sponsor a farm with a tenor in which the maturity date will correspond with the dates you need to make your purchases! When you're ready to spend, your investment would have matured and you'll have more money!


If this isn't the definition of Passive Income, then i don't know what is. Cowry Wise is an automated savings platform that deducts agreed amounts from your debit card and allows you earn between 10%-15% interest on your savings per annum! I love Cowry Wise because Its Super flexible. I have a holiday plan where I earn 10% per annum and can withdraw when I need to, and I also have a life saving plan which is fixed and gives me higher interest! The best part is that you actually see the interest you've accrued change with time :)

My returns after saving for 3+ months! :D

My returns after saving for 3+ months! :D


This is more for the risk-averse investor! The price of Crypto-currency is really volatile so you might have to be careful with this one! In one month 1 bitcoin was priced at 3 million naira, rose up to 6 million and dipped down to 2 million! I was able to make 100% returns on my investment in bitcoin, but I basically had no life and watched the market very closely! There are other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum which are on the rise, so all hope is not lost. If you want to invest in Bitcoin & Ethereum in Nigeria, Luno is a secure way to do this!


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