Do you ever feel stuck?  And by stuck, I mean the feeling of being totally engulfed in the daily struggles that life has to offer or the monotonous feeling of being trapped in a single routine FOREVER. Sounds really dramatic, but in plain words; a lot of people feel trapped in their daily lives. 

From the minute we are born, our lives are spelt out for us. You go to school, pass your exams, get a good job, succumb to the pressure of needing to be in a relationship, and work your same job for 30+ years. Our parents were happy to stick to this life, but millennials aren’t here for it. Most of us are not willing to compromise our happiness. We realise this early on, and we attempt to do something about it.

If you find that one thing that makes you happy everyday, good for you! Its a blessing that you shouldn't take for granted. If you are on the other end of the spectrum, and are yearning to find your passion and purpose, don't give up. Face life with boldness and do not be afraid to take risks, because you will end up living the most amazing version of your life when you loose all inhibitions and allow yourself to live and thrive! 

I’m on a self discovery journey right now, and here are some of the things I’m going to learn to do


We get so caught up with trying to make all the plans in the world, and that puts us in a pretty uncomfortable place when there is no evident /feasible plan. My first lesson to learn is to trust that things will work out for my good, and be comfortable in an ordinarily uncomfortable place. 


Sounds quite deep, but take the tagline as it is. On this journey, I hope to see the things I’ve failed to see . There is so much beauty and inspiration around us, but because of how uni directional our lives often are, we fail to get a panoramic view of life. We confine our view to only the things that are in our direct line of sight, therefore ignoring the opportunities that could come to us if we only looked closer. This could also be pretty simple; trying new things and experiences that we may normally shy away from doing. 


I love travelling and always have the itch to see more and more of the world. However, this time I want to be more intentional about my travel. As opposed to just ticking a destination off my bucket list, I want to think of a destination, and to an extent pre-determine how I want it to change my life. I want to dream beforehand of the effects of being immersed in new experiences and cultures. This is how I want to travel, I want to see and feel the world.  There are so many amazing countries in Africa and even new cities in Nigeria, so please do not think you have to break the bank to do this. 


The intertwining of mind, body and soul is one that should not be taken for granted! There is a certain level of balance that magically erupts when these three spheres are positively aligned. Take yoga classes, eat healthily, pursue your passion. Do this and more, and the changes will definitely reflect in your demeanour and appearance. 



When you try to discover yourself, you begin to learn what you like and what you don't like, and that will help you create some type of plan. What I’ve learnt is that the plan can change as a result of a different circumstances. If you don’t accept or even to an extent,welcome the change, you’ll be disappointed and thrown off balance. Prevent yourself from getting to a sunken place!

I hope it works out for me, and for you too if you’re on this journey! 


osayomon gaius-obaseki