If you clicked on this article I assume that you are a very curious person who does a lot of reading, or you want to improve your reading habits so today I am sharing some of my favourite free reading resources with you. This resources cover a range of topics from literature, to business, to finances.

Project Gutenberg (www.gutenberg.org)

The very first introduction I had into any kind of free online book resource was Project Gutenberg. I had desperately been searching for a classic and somehow found this site which is simply glorious.What I like about it is how much of a volunteer effort it is; typically volunteer work is aimed towards feeding the needy and providing financial donations, but here’s something that is so rare that manages to give just as much value without being about money. P.G. does not have everything but its collection is pretty wide and I’ll recommend it if you are looking to read a classic piece of literature. You do not have to create an account to access the materials there, simply check its library and you can download some of the books for free.

Open library/Internet archive (openlibrary.org)

This is one site I have used and come to love a lot, using it currently even more Gutenberg, the caveat though is none of the books on this site is available for download. As you can tell, it is an online library so you get to borrow the books there for a limited period of time, specifically 14 days. It’s been easy to get a book every time I’ve gone on there, as I have usually been the only one queuing for a title, but in the case that there are other people with interest in that title, the site runs a turn-by-turn basis where, after someone is done reading it, they send you an email about its availability and give you about 48 hours to signify your interest, after which they pass the offer on to the next person. You have to register to assess this website, but it’s completely free as the only thing you need to open an account is a username and your email address.

Medium (medium.com)

I’ve been reading Medium for a while now and it’s just one of the best article site that exits. Not only does the site hold articles on different subject matter, it also allows for readers to be writers. Dope! Now this is a much chilled site in that it doesn’t offer books like the previous two does, it however has more lifestyle themed writing that are relatable, writings that flow from personal experience, which in my opinion makes it all the more valuable. You could access the site without signing up, but it’s too much of a hassle if you ask me, one negative side to that though, is you get daily mails from medium which tends to be a lot. While you can read a bunch of article for free, there are some really cool ones that you have to pay to access which comes to $5 a month.

The Balance (thebalance.com)

For all things career-related, make The Balance your go-to, it’s like the career best friend you wish you had because of how useful its content are.

Refinery 29’s personal finance series, Money Diaries (www.refinery29.com/en-us/money-diary)

I found this series last week and have been gobbling it up ever since. For a more next-door feel, please visit Zikoko here. I think having comfortable conversations about money is incredibly important. Not only does it help you feel less alone in your financial journey, it also practically shows how you can improve your money habits. It’s not a how-to column, but in seeing how other people earn and spend money, I believe you’ll be inspired to do be more accountable with your finances.

Simplicable (simplicable.com)

Simplicable is goals all the way! If you’re in school, doing a research, or starting a business and need to understand certain technicalities, visit this site. It is simple in the way it explains concepts and while it is a tech and business site, I’ve only ever used it for my business related research which I have found to be very helpful. While you might find the site a bit hard to navigate, it’s really straightforward after a directed search. There’s obviously a lot more out there but I thought I’ll share this six with you. The internet is so beautifully packed with relevant knowledge that all you have to do is ‘ask google.’


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