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Procrastination is the killer of productivity and all things great. We have our grand dreams of finishing certain tasks and achieving all things great, but then we find ourselves doing every other thing but the thing we’ve set out to actually do. There are a few ways to avoid being in this boat, but they require a certain level of discipline. Once you’re starting your work, these are hacks that can help your concentration levels:


The first step is to be honest with yourself about this one; your Phone is the enemy most times. You’re on a roll with your work and this little devil in your head prompts you to check your Instagram, or your friend sends you some quick gist on whatsapp! Before you know it, you’re bouncing from app to app, and your work is a distant memory!

#TIP Put your phone in another room/turn it off for an hour. You can reward yourself for your existence without it by having it for a quick 15-30 min break.


Social Media is a blessing and a curse!! For those of us who promote our businesses on Social Media, this is a hard one! My argument is always that my customer is on Social Media, so I need to constantly understand them and their preferences to serve them better. While this is true, it’s only 40-50% true! I might be doing something work related on Social media but then I spot something I like on one page which leads me to another that then leads me to another… the rest is History! Also for Personal use, you go on twitter just to see whats up on the TL, 1 hour later you’re knee deep in a twitter battle!

#TIP: Limit your social media usage. Try and spend half the time you currently spend on Social Media/ set a rule of No social media before and after a certain time!


I’m sure you can spot at least half of your office with headphones whilst they work! This is a strange one because many people argue that they can listen to music and still be as productive at work, even though studies have shown that this isn’t quite true. I believe it all boils down to what you’re listening to and what you’re doing. As I type this, I’m jamming to SZA - Love Galore, and I’m doing just fine! However, I think it’s working because its a calm melody and most especially because I’m typing, as opposed to trying to take in and understand pieces of information.

#TIP: Stick to Calm Music. My faves are SZA and Enya. You can also check youtube for music for working/studying or stick to jazz. Remember If you’re trying to do something that needs 100% concentration, music isn’t a good idea; Calm or not!


This is my Rule of thumb when I need to finish an important task. I close ALL other tabs, because you get sucked in when your brain gets a little bit tired. I’d do something silly like open Daily Mail then open 10 articles in new tabs and of course it’s a vicious cycle from then on. Right now I have my SZA on in another tab, but that doesn’t really require much of my attention and some other boring doc which is of no relevance to what i’m currently doing. Just exposing myself incase someone looking over my shoulder eventually reads this piece.

#TIP: Close all other tabs!! If you are tempted to still have access to your many blog posts to read after you’re done with what you’re doing, open them in individual windows, lol! Doing your work is more appealing than having to switch between 10 or 20 windows.


Hate to break it to you but you’re deceiving yourself if you feel like you’re putting your best foot forward while having the juiciest conversation with your buddy! NAH. Be in the most quiet environment you can find and do your work. Its as simple as that. Chat when you’re done!!


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